Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So continually I take pictures of funny things I see on my phone. I always mean to write a post about them and lately I haven't gotten around to it. Anyway I thought it was about time.
So in my travels there was a sight dog that boarded the plane with this lady. As I was sitting next to this guy we were discussing where the dog is kept and how that works. Anyway I never saw the dog which means it was probably put below, but interesting. He was a sweet, very calm dog (unlike Millie). Cute little dog laid down and would get all settled and then his owner would rummage through her bag from an item and he would get up and be all concerned and make sure she got what she needed. It was awesome to watch.

One of my pet peeves is after it snows and people don't scrape their car window.... Now it isn't just that they don't scrape their car windows but more that they don't scrape them and then drive all cautious, slow, and as if they can't see what is going on around them. This lady was a perfect example the other day. We cruised a good 5 mph down the road and she waited a good 3 minutes to turn the corner (yes I had time to get my phone out, take a picture and then some). It was crazy. I about lost my mind. Scrape your car and drive safe people!!
Nothing can top this for the week. I was on the phone with my mom and am driving down 500 east when I see Pac Man and the Pac Man's ghost walking across the cross walk. I broke out in laughter. I hurried and hung up the phone to snap a few photos. I didn't do very well, but I tried my hardest. It was hilarious. As I flipped around to go see if I could get a better picture they disappeared. I have no idea where they went, but I was sad. Anyway I got a good laugh.
My last great news was that I found some killer deals on some clothes. I usually don't do a lot of clothes shopping, but the following items I couldn't resist. Downeast is a wonderful store!!!
This awesome Diesel Jacket I got for a killer deal and love the off center buttons.

This green coat was super cheap and looks really cute

And this American Eagle long sleeve shirt was $7.99, plus 50% off. That is what I am talkin about.

The last great item was a pair of Big Star Buckle jeans that I love. They fit so well and I didn't even have to pay the Buckle price!


Lindsey said...

Love the pac man picture... that is hillarious! Way to capture the moment girl

Jared and Chelli said...

Hey lacy, i'm linking you to my blog so you can see new pix of the girls, emails take too long!!!