Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh the good things....

So I was telling Ashley that I have some weird theories. One of which is that I think peoples noses are only big enough for their own fingers to fit in them. Sick, weird, suspicious, whatever you want to call it... this I all know (it is a weird theory). No I am not a big nose picker. I actually usually don't even get boogers. So anyway I really think that each person's finger is proportionate to their nose. The thumbs are probably the perfect fit.

What caused me to think of this was my still hurting nose. After explaining it to a few people I was tortured mercifully. So my nose is just recovering from so that. See only my fingers fit in my nose, so when some larger fatter fingers poked and prodded...well the nose was feeling sore.
Yes I am quirky.

On a lighter note... while at a high school taking a few pictures of something we want to make for Apx, I was asked if I knew where a room was. On top of that the parent pointed that I had a very nice phone for a high school student (I was taking pictures with my phone). Yes I was mistaken for a high school student today. Horrible.

So a joke for Someone:
Q:Why did the radish blush
A: Because it saw the salad dressing

Anyway Goodnight and Good Luck! (or something like that)


Ash said...

Definitely one of my better pictures.

Lindsey said...

ha ha that is funny