Friday, August 22, 2008

Jack Johnson

So my bestest and dearest friend Mike Hanks called and asked me out on a date (Don't you all worry he has a girlfriend, but she was on a vacation) to the Jack Johnson concert. I mean who would pass that up. NOT ME!!! All his brothers and dates went and it was so much fun. First off it was so great to see the Hanks family.. and second the Jack Johnson concert was amazing. I had a blast. Rogue Wave opened for them and I really enjoyed them.

Funny story from the concert. Jack had just started singing a new song and was only a couple lines into the song. I guess a guy in the crowd yelled "I want my wife to have your baby"... Jack having heard that was speachless and stopped the song. As he describes his mind wandered and he forget what song they were singing. He asks the guy in the audience "What does your wife look like" So the girl gets up on her husbands shoulders. Anyway Jacks last comment was "I think you have had a little too much to drink". Anyway they started the song over and it was a pretty good laugh. I have never been to a concert before where the singer forget this song!!!


Jenna said...

Jack Johnson rocks! um apparently some people think he rocks too much for their own good...funny story.

Lindsey said...

What an awesome concert to go to!! And with good company, looks like such a fun night. Love that hair on your head, you looked cute!

Michael C. Hanks said...