Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitchen Remodel, Yard Remodel, and the Garden

My kitchen counter never got refinished when we redid the kitchen so I finally broke down and remodeled it. I found tile on sale at Home Depot. $.77 a square foot was a steal of a deal... making each box only $8.58 and I actually liked it.

The Before Counter
(you can't see it very well but it was crappy linoleum, and notice that the kitchen faucet is on the back of the wall)

After I removed all the Linoleum and faucets

The After Counter
The counter all tiled and grouted

Put in a new sink and kitchen faucet... I know even have a soap dispenser

the finished product

upgrades include a sink disposal and two sink drains rather than just one.

So my yard has never been anything to look at. Due to my massive tree in my front yard and all it's roots, the grass didn't grow very well. The back yard had numerous patches where there was no grass and just dirt patches. The sprinklers were exposed in numerous places, and often were out of the ground in some places. It was a mess. So with the help of the neighbors guys (them motivated by the garden in the front yard) we put in a new sprinkler system and landscaped the yard. It made a huge difference and looks so much better.

Put the sprinklers under the cement planters

the yard all trenched up..(Millie was all ready to play while I took pictures)

More trenched yard

The front landscaped... we brought in dirt to build up the front yard and cover the roots. With new grass and the dirt area around the tree hopefully the grass will grow well.

With the backyard we put in some dirt in areas that were grass but should have been dirt. We built up the levels so they met up with my patio and new grass made a world of difference.

now it looks a lot nicer and not so trashy

I love how green everything looks in this picture

I have two unique and special trees at my house. This is in the back yard and so we put a planter around it to help make it look better. Millie loves to climb this tree!

The neighbors across the street came over at the first of the spring and asked if they could use the south side of my house to plant a huge garden. It was a dirt/weed mess anyway so I told them sure. We got the garden in a little later than we should have, but none the less it is there and growing.
We have corn, peppers, tomatoes, squash and I think zucchini


Dave and Jes said...

you have been BUSY! it looks so good! i want to come over and see it when we get back to Utah!

The Nielsens said...

HOLY COW! Everything looks wonderful! And you can tell your mom I think your garden looks better than mine!

Em said...

you have a green thumb.. it looks lush and beautiful. i'm sure it's a beautiful sight with fall colors too.