Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harlem Jenkins

Meet Harlem

The other night I was reading that my good friend Janelle's brother had found a kitten in a window well of a house he was showing. His wife is pregnant and allergic and so they couldn't keep it. I had been saying that I wanted Millie to have a friend lately and thought maybe getting a black cat and naming it Jasper would be fun. Part of me was always joking, but when I text Janelle showing some interest I soon found myself at their house and I couldn't resist not take her home. She is so very small and adorable. So I brought her home and searched all of Provo for Goat's milk to feed her. The next morning I took her to the vet and she was healthy (luckily not dehyrated) . She wasn't eating, but he said that was ok due to shock and change. She is definitely too young to be away from her mom, so I am bottle feeding. She is still not eating much, but getting better. Today she has shown a lot more activity and moving around. She loves to be completely covered and under a towel or curled up in a ball close to you. These are not very good pictures, but I will get more. I was nervous about how Millie would react, since the next door neighbors had cats and Millie barked at them all day and night. When I first brought her home Millie wasn't sure what to think or do with it. She definitely didn't like my attention being given to someone else. She kept trying to sniff her bum and lick her face.
I kept Harlem in the bathroom the last few nights. Millie woke me up five or six times the first night, she would go to the bathroom and scratch the door, I would let her in and she would sniff and move the towel and make sure Harlem was still there and then turn and go back and get on my bed. She was just making sure she was ok. It was so cute. Every time Harlem cries and whines and Millie gets all concerned and comes over and looks bothered like what are you doing to her. She is being so motherly and watching out for her. It was been really cute to watch. The other morning I showered and stepped out to find them curled up next to each other just sleeping. Wish I had gotten a picture.
Anyway with my slight interest in wanting a friend for Millie and how well they have liked each other I think I have decided to keep her. (For now at least) I know nothing about cats (I was raised to hate them) and so this is a new adventure for me. I pray Harlem doesn't turn out to be one of those mean, scratches everything and is a terror cats.


Stacy said...

So cute! i love how his ears are bent! i think you can definitely train cats so that they don't scratch. We trained ours by giving him treats when he scratched his post. He has never ruined any of our furniture.

I love the remodel and new yard!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

LACY! I can't just read about your life on your blog. You need to tell me these things during our lunchtime! Why didn't you tell me this! I'm so happy she went to a good home because I saw that on Janelle's blog and felt so bad! She's adorable. Just raise her with a lot of people holding her, and I think she'll be a nice kitty.

Lindsey said...

I am so jealous!! What a pretty kitty!! Congrats!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

you are the best pet owner! bottle feeding! i love cats and love that you are treating little harlem with love, because so many people hate on cats and it makes me sad.