Saturday, November 10, 2007

Autumn Used To Be My Favorite Season

When I think of my favorite season these days, it is not Autumn which makes me sad. I used to love Autumn. I can't really describe why other than
Now you may say how bad could picking up leaves really be? Well if you had as many leaves as we did, you would understand. Pictures say a thousand words.....

Yes that is a lot of leaves to pick up with no real quick way to get it done. Plus we have already bagged so many it is madness...

What is really discouraging is that there are still more to fall!

I have voted to cut this large tree down numerous times and would be willing to pay a large price just so I don't have to pick up leaves next year, but Dan says NO. So I guess it is staying.

So the only thing good I have to report is that the back yard tree is is done shedding it's leaves.


** So if anyone loves picking up leaves and has extra time they want to spend with me you can always come over to help with the piles of leaves**

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