Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Updates to the House Remodeling

This is an update to the remodeling projects going on at our house. It has been a long consuming project but we are finally getting somewhere.

The laundry room needed some serious remodeling so we ripped up the floor only to find that the sub floor was warped. So we ripped up the whole sub floor resulting in a large hole in our home.

We added more support beams and then put in new installations. After which we placed new sub floor. Supposedly when you lay tile you are supposed to lay thin mortar and hardiboard. While mixing the mortar Millie must have it thought it tasted good and had a few licks. Once the mortar and hardiboard were down Tony was so kind to come down and help us lay the tile. We bought slate at Home Depot and it looks awesome. We grouted last night so we are officially done laying the tile. What a relief. Mille is very grateful for the finished product so she can return to going out back to go the bathroom.
The finished product!!!


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i think it looks really great!

jennifer lane said...

WOW LACE--- I'm impressed. I really need to come over and see the "new" place.