Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Found Passion- Antique Stores

So I have to apologize for not posting anything in over a month. Today I was informed that I needed to post something. So here I am posting..... but this is not just me posting anything. I have something good.

Today I got off work a little early. Each morning and night I drive down Provo center street and look at all the stores. Some are very ghetto, others intersting and some just normal. Each time I think I am going to stop and go in some of these stores... SO TODAY I FINALLY DID.


There are two antique stores on center that I just happened to stroll into today. After leaving the first empty handed I was fully intrigued. Many items caught my eye but not enough to buy. So entering the second antique store I was just hoping to see many more funny things. Well I was wrong. Eighty dollars later I left with a tea pot, harmonica, copper bracelet, moon and star ring, discharge papers from World War II and more. Your probably thinking they are weird finds I know but they were things that I couldn't leave without. Trust me there were many other things I was dying to buy but restrained myself. After leaving I realized I loved it.. I loved the whole experience. The funny things I found, the memories and thoughts that came from seeing some items was so funn. In the future I don't think I will be able to pass antique store and not want to go in. Check out my cool finds (or so I think).


Lindsey said...

I love them Lacy! You always find the good stuff!! :) Love you tons bestie!

Em said...

Love your little treasures! Great finds! I finally fixed this posting page so it is in English-- yeah! Finally! So now I will be making lots of comments :)