Monday, January 7, 2008


The Laundry Room is finally finished. It has been a long process and I finally feel like it is done. So I thought I would upload some pictures and give a little tour via the blog.

It all started with buying slate. With the laundry room floor warped, we realized the subfloor needed some work. So out came the subfloor, new insulation, and we finally got the tile laid. While in the mix of making the laundry room better, due to a small laundry room, a stackable Washing Machine and Dryer were purchased. Light green, blue and yellow were choosen to paint everything. I think that when I thought of a laundry room I wanted bright fresh colors to help lighten the room.

When we removed the cupboards we were about to throw the old hinges away. I loved the old shape which matched the house so well, so with the help of a steel brush, the dewalt and the dremel they layers of paint were removed, and a yucky finish to find this cool silver. So after the cupboards were painted the old (ancient-ok I don't know how old but from the looks of them they are old) hinges were put back on all refinished. New handles were bought at home depot to go with the hinges.

Thanks to Ikea (ok I admit I really like getting some things there) we got a few things to help make the laundry room come together. The light fixture, steel rod, cabinet, and shelves.

I had this brilliant idea (which turned out to just be a pain) to make the blinds for the windows. We picked out this fabric that was perfect for the laundry room. Once they were all done I wasn't loving them with the paint and the stripes but hey I had to use them after all the time and effort.

With just a few organizing bins it was finished. So the finished product looks so much better than when the project started.

So what can I say other than a new laundry room only helps a little with making me want to actually do the laundry.


Lindsey said...

Lacy it looks AWESOME!! You and Dan are so freakin talented and creative, way to go! Your house is the cutest thing ever.

Brittany K Garner said...

It looks great you guys! Good job!

Kim said...

Lacy you guys did a great job! I want to come see your house sometime!

Chris Linds & Maddie said...

Lacy I didn't know you were so good at remodels!! I think it looks fantastic! You are so talented! Good Job

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

lacy, i think it looks incredible! the colors are awesome!

scannie said...

soooo cute! you did a great job. I love it. And I think the blinds look great.

AlexisTexas said...

so cute! i absolutely love it! nice work...looks like hard work really does pay off...maybe i'll try it! ha...miss you!