Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My thoughts exactly as I first saw the commercial on TV about JR. Banana Split
then much to my suprise today as I was driving down the hill from Orem to Provo I saw the sign. SURE BLISS. They are the perfect size and taste so delicious.
Excuse the multiple posts. I just had so many things that I hadn't posted about and felt I should catch up.


Lindsey said...

That is HUGE for 99cents!! YUMMY!!

Have you tried the chocolate chip cookie dough shake at Wendy's yet? It is to DIE for!

Ash said...

People, Lacy eats this like every night now! True story.

Nate and Britt said...

I love those little banana splits! I use to get them all the time...then they took them off the menu! Glad they are back, they are the best!