Friday, September 5, 2008

Fish Lake

For labor day my family went to Fish Lake for a little camping trip. It was so much fun! Andy and Emily bought a new motor home, and we took my parents pop up trailer and parked on our Great Aunt and Uncle Veryl and Wayne's property.  It was Coopers 6Th birthday on Monday September 1st so we celebrated on Friday night so he could enjoy his toys. It is such a fun age for him right now. He is so enthusiastic about everything. He got Walle stuff, Connect Four, and a new four wheeler. He was crazy about it. Kennedy became obsessed with being on the Four wheeler or what she called "bike". Every time she got off she would cry and then walk around begging each of us for a ride on the bike. Cooper and Kennedy had a few on their own rides, which was so cute to watch. 
Our Great Aunt and Uncle are 93 and doing so well. They drove up to have dinner and spend the afternoon with us and they were so funny. My great Aunt Veryl wanted a four wheeler ride so she got on it and had JJ take her for a ride. So hilarious. 
Cooper and I got sick while on the trip and had a little case of the 24 hour flu, which wasn't so fun.  It would have only been fitting to go to Fish Lake and fish. So one afternoon we headed to the lake to fish. Cooper got a new fishing pole and Andy had a all new tackle box and fishing pole and so we fished. Cooper was quickly bored, 
but Andy and JJ each caught a fish.  Nothing worth bragging about, they were the smallest fish I have ever seen caught. Kennedy wanted nothing to do with the fish at first, but after some time warmed up to the dead fish and thought it was sleeping. Not to mention she kept trying to clean or wash the fish and feed it water. It was pretty funny. At the end of the day we had her carry the fish back to the car and it was priceless. 

I thought I would post of a few of my favorite pictures. For the rest of them I will put in a slide show. It is so great to have Andy, Emily, Cooper and Kennedy home from Switzerland. They are so great to have around. We just can't get enough of them.

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Lindsey said...

All those pictures are so cute. Your sweet Aunt and JJ on the four wheeler. I can't believe how big Cooper is and how beautiful Kennedy is!!! Where are the pictures of you?! Love ya chica!