Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lotoja 2009

I ran support for the Lotoja 2009 race this year. I would not say that it was fun... but it was definitely a moving experience.

Lotoja.. is a 206 mile bike race from Logan to Jackson Hole Wyoming in one day. First riders leave at 5:45 a.m. and the last riders have to be to Jackson Hole before dark.

I ran support for Alex and Jason and lets just say it was a long day. At 2:45 a.m. my alarm went off and was on the road at 3:15. Drove to Logan and met up with Jason and Erin (who were smart and stayed in Logan the night before). The guys took off at 5:47 a.m. and I got gas and hit the road. I didn't have to run support at the first two feed zone, so I took a nice scenic drive towards bear lake. I was exhausted and tried to take a nice snooze before the guys rolled in. I ran into the Seiverts and the Sepulvedas. After the boys passed then I played leap frog all day. I would drive forward and take pictures, pass the guys again and head to the feed zones. Thanks to Niki and her kids, it made the day better. After the last feed zone I hurried to the finish line so I could snap some pictures of the guys and Erin coming in. It was a moving experience seeing people be on their bikes for 206 miles. I saw so many emotions out of so many people and I felt for them. Finishing Lotoja is such an accomplishment and it inspired me to want to do it next year.

Anyway it was fun taking pictures of the guys and lets just say it was nice to finally get out of the car.

Joey Sepulveda

Alex, Jason and Joey

This is an interesting shot... The second guy back is Randy a guy my Dad biked a lot with, then Joey, and Alex and Jason. It was just by chance that they were all together on this part of the journey.

Erin finishing strong.... she did amazing

this was the finish line.. I thought it was pretty funny

the finish line for Alex

My Dad and Tony were supposed to ride Lotoja with the Lexus team. Due to my Dad's serious accident and Tony getting hit by a car and not having a bike for some time, they both were not able to ride it this year. So as I stayed at the finish line to watch them come through it was a bitter sweet feeling. I felt bad that they couldn't participate, but it was nice to see Chris and Rick come through and finish strong.


Em said...

Those are wonderful pictures. I'm sure those boys were very grateful for your assistance... even if you did give away alex's drink!

Jennifer Lane said...

Seeing these pictures brings back SO MANY great memories!

Lacy said...

I know... who would have thought a coke was so important... and Jen, It makes me want to ride again.. so next year we are doing it.