Friday, May 28, 2010

New things... an update.. and a disaster

It was Emily's birthday on Mother's day. The family all got together to celebrate and have dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Baby Owen looking at the candles

I will post more about Mother's day Weekend. I had the kids for the night so we had some good adventures.

Jen and I went to St. George to do the St. George Tri. I will post about that later as well... upon arriving home I left my bags in the front room for a bit. (I have a hard time unpacking after trips.) When I returned home from work on Monday this is what I walked into.

my oh so special Millie had found a few items she wanted to get into. One of which was my antibotic. Little pink and blue pills were everywhere. I was a little freaked out that maybe she ate them, but as I put them all in the container it appeared that not one single more pill would fit (it was a brand new perscription). So I assumed she was ok!

On that flip side of my crazy dog, she is the best dog at night and loves to cuddle up and watch tv. This was her doing just that!

Spring/Summer has approached us and that means it is always the best time to own a shedding dog.... Wait I am kidding. Millie is shedding like crazy. She rubs up against my green chair and it is so funny to watch. So after watching her do this for days I decided to give her a nice brush. This was after two times.... Can we say GROSS!

Oh the joys of being a single GIRL and owning a house... I decided to get the sprinklers going for the spring.. Turned them on and was soaked from the backflow having a crack from the winter. I hate sprinkling systems.

On a much lighter note, I got some new kicks.. I sure like them (Thank you Jen and Kim for inspiring me)

so that is just a brief little bit for the blogging world!


Linds Forrest said...

Your family is so cute!! Love your new kicks. And way to go on a tri, sounds awesome!!

Jennifer Lane said...

love this whole post. especially the kicks :)

Dave and Jes said...

ok I was SOOOOO scared when your post said "and a disaster" and then Millie getting into your pills! Ah! Im so happy she is ok and didn't eat anything. Congrats on your tri! I was at the lake when everyone finished. Maybe one day I'll be like you and actually do one!

Burt Bunch said...

It's so fun to see what you've been up to Lacy! Hopefully I will see you sometime this summer?! xoxoxo