Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boise Half Ironman

I headed to Boise this weekend for the Boise Half Iron man. My good friends Jen and Grover were doing it. Friday we started the long drive up to Boise. We got to Boise just in time for Jen to register and get a picture at the finish line ...

It was AMAZING to see this race. It started in Lucky Peak Reservoir, which was beautiful. The weather was perfect. Once we parked we had a nice little hit to get to the reservoir. Everyone was excited...

They dropped their bikes and got ready for the swim.

Jen and Grover

The crowd at the reservoir was amazing... it was so cool to see all the athletes lines up in their heats to get ready to swim.

This was Jen's heat getting ready to get int he water. Jen is at the very end waving!!!

And they are off!!! 1.2 miles to swim

Grover coming out of the water...

Jenny Lane coming out of the water.. smile on her face like always.

Jen's transition to her bike.

After the swim we ran a few errands and then headed downtown to see the bike to run transition. We missed Grover int he transition and first lap run, but we got to see Jen.

Jen on her first lap of the run...

Grover Finishing.... He did awesome.
He finished in 5 hrs and 34 mins.

Jen rocked it!! She is amazing.
She finished in 5 hrs and 56 mins.

She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!

Jen after the race picking up her stuff

I came around the corner of a truck and saw Grover sitting in it away from the wind.

Jen and Grover after the race. They are both so inspiring to me

Jen and her friend Stephen

I was truly so inspired and seeing the race was awesome. I am so glad I went up. Kirk and Marylane Newman were so awesome to let me tag along. It really made me want to do it... So I have high hopes for next year doing it! I know it seems crazy, but watching the race really made me want to do it.

On top of seeing the race I fell in love with Boise. The whole city was so awesome. It felt like a mix between Colorado and Salt Lake City. Lucky Peak reservoir was so pretty.


Jennifer Lane said...

I still can't believe we were crazy enough to it!!

I seriously can't wait for next year! But we'll have to find someone as awesome as you to be on camera duty.

Thanks so much for coming. You mean the world to me and I really appreciate it.

mlnewman said...

It was awesome! Thanks Lacy for catching it all in pictures. I can hardly wait until next year to be the camera person and capture you in the race too. Hopefully I will do as great a job as you. Thanks for all your love and support to Jen!

Stacy said...

I love Boise. I lived there until I was 13. We would spend lots of time at Lucky Peak boating. It is such a great city! That would be so amazing to do an iron man. I could never do it, but I could totally see you doing it!

Linds Forrest said...

Grover's hair is SO long. How awesome you got to be there see Jen and Grover do that! Can't wait for you to do it next year, I would love to cheer you on!! And you always have been so great at photography, but those shots looks great!