Monday, June 21, 2010

St George Tri...

So Jen and I went to St. George for both of our first Triathlons. I signed up to do the Sprint and Jen did the Olympic.

Jen's parents and sister made the voyage with us and it was so fun to have them there. We headed down on Friday and crashed at my parents house, which was perfect for all of us. We headed out to get registered on Friday night and Jen and I thought we needed a little pre swim to get a feel for swimming in open water.

Jen and I getting used to being in wet suits and open water

Notice the top of this picture Jen is just coming into the picture

I am glad we swam the night before. It helped calm my nervous about doing the race.

Car ride out to the race

A nice good luck hug!

Jen and I hauling our gear to the transition area

Since Jen is a rock star, she did the Olympic. She started about a half hour before me so this is her coming out of the water.

Jen took her sweet time in transition, but she rocked it.

This was me waiting to swim. It was so hot, but the water was pretty cold, so it felt good. Funny story about. I had just gotten in the water and I found this rock (I am standing on it right now). Since I was one of the first to get in the water right after this picture it got pretty crowded. I was standing on my rock next to this girl I had met (she is on the left of me). All of the sudden this girl comes in and pushes me of the rock I was standing on and gets up on it. I was pissed. Me being the person I am I didn't do anything about it. My new friend I had met after about 30 seconds turns around and pushes the girl off the rock so I could get back on. The girl turned around all bugged and then swam to the outside of the group. It was funny.

Me taking off for the hardest swim of my life.

Jen's parents were so great to go down and support us. It was hot and they sat outside for hours waiting for us to finish. This is a picture of Mary Lane hanging out.

Me coming out of the water. I was so tired I couldn't even run! So I walked..

Putting all my bike gear on

and I am off. I was already tired at this point and I was only 1/3 of the way done

Jen coming in from the bike and getting ready to run!

Fashion Diva

and she stopped and chatted and relaxed!

me coming in from biking

getting ready for the run. I forgot my helmet was still on!

Jen showing us her medal! She did so awesome. Plus she won $50 to the running store in St. George.

We had a lot of fun. I wasn't as sore and tired as I thought I would be, but I definitely had was glad I did it!


Jennifer Lane said...

oh my many memories. such a great post!! i loved it. and you NEVER told me the rock story. that is so funny. i can't believe some people when they get in race mode. many more to come :)

Linds Forrest said...

Way to go!! You look HOT in that wetsuit! Way to go on the tri Lacy. Sounds like it was super intense, but you're so strong!

Spencer and Kealia said...

WOW! you are a beast! that's awesome you did the st george tri!!!! and linds is right... you look super HOT HOT HOT in that wetsuit!!!