Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bicyclist Start Your Pedals...

So last week was the St. George ride. As most of you know the weather in Utah was not all that great, which made the trip difficult. There is so much to say about the ride and yet I feel pictures would do justice. I thought I would give a brief run down of the trip though. Thursday morning a pack of guys started from Sandy, Utah. Being that I am a girl and not as well trained I decided to meet up with them in Provo. Well Provo turned into Payson, but I was glad to shave off a few miles of the ride. From Sandy to Payson the rain poured down on them. The pour guys when we stopped for them were cold and wet. After some grub we all took off towards Nephi. The weather had cleared a little but it was just darn cold. The goal, Day One, was 127 miles for the group. That put us in Gunnison to end the first day. We slept in Salina and ate at Mom's Cafe. The next morning the group set out through Richfield, Joseph, Rock Canyon, Mary'sville and the journey ended in Circleville when the wind was unbearable. In hopes of riding in the car 2o miles south and then riding back to Circleville, we were encountered with a blizzard of a snow storm cutting that day short. Panguitch was a great place to rest for the night. The hotel was supposed to have a jacuzzi, and continental breakfast. Oh how we were disappointed to have neither and to top it off the majority of us had cold showers. The third day was biter sweet.
*** A side note is that when I decided to ride to St. George because it was supposed to be downhill and not too many big hills***
Whoever said there weren't a lot of hills was very mistaken. We left Panquitch and all I can remember is hill after hill. After leaving the small down of Hatch there was 30 miles of straight hill climbing. I felt like I was going to die. The nice part of the hill climbing was that after we had 30 miles of downhill. Anyway three VERY very large hills later (hill to LaVerkin, hill to Hurricane, hill to Coral Canyon) we arrived in St. George. We experienced all kinds of weather: rain, hail, snow, wind, and sun. Overall it was a great experience and it was a great feeling to finish. Congratulations to everyone that was there.
Meet the Riders

Papa Jenkins and Greg Taylor

Todd Nuttall and Scott Seare

Richard Nuttall and Randi Buie

Tony, Karen and JJ



The Clan pushing onward

Lacy Kay

Karen and Scott
The Group outside of Hatch

Getting ready to hit the hills

In the city of George

Todd Nuttall with Family

Expressing how we feel

Group at St. George House


Chris Linds & Maddie said...

Lacy you are seriously amazing! Even thinking about riding in the car to St. George wears me out let alone riding a bike...Thats awesome! I'm glad everything went well!

Lindsey said...

Oh Lace the pictures do more than what you told over the phone!! You did SO awesome and you are inspiration. I am glad that you didn't get hit by a car or any flat tires!! And never forget that spandex looks hot on you!! Love ya Spacey!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

That is amazing, Lacy! You better be so proud of yourself. I'M pround of you for cryin' out loud!! It sounds like it would be fun... I think I would lose my sense of "this is fun" by mile 15, though. You got some great pictures... that one of "Todd Nuttall with family" is so good! You can see his sense of accomplishment. So glad it went well and there weren't any "head to the concrete wall" incidents!

tEaGaN said...

Lacy you are so amazing, congrats on the great accomplishment. I would die just trying, you are so brave. Way to Go!!

Doug and Krista said...

Wow, you are amazing. I want to be like you! Glad you still have your ear!

Lisa Marie Crosby said...

Hey Lacy, you are so hard core... wow, that is amazing, congratulations!