Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bought a cello....

So years ago I fell in love with the Cello. I used to sit next to the 1st seat cello player when I played in the orchestra. Ever since then I have loved it. For years I have said I wanted to learn to play the Cello. Several months ago I started looking for fun at purchasing a Cello. Finally today after looking I couldn't pass up this amazing deal to buy one. Yes that is right, I bought a Cello. I am the proud new owner of this cello.

If you know of anyone that plays the Cello or teaches lessons let me know.

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Linds Forrest said...

My nephew is AMAZING at cello. As in college's were offering scholarships to him to come play there, but alas he loves BYU more than anything!! I'll see if he can give you lessons.