Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family hits Disneyland...

The girls and the kids of the JENKINS clan headed to california in February for some sun, and fun at disneyland. We flew out early Tuesday morning and it was Baby Owen's first flight.

I had a cold, so flying and the pressure was not fun on my ears. I cried on the landing from the pain and then spent the next day and a half with my ears completely plugged. I couldn't hear, and hearing myself talk was making me crazy. Needless to say I was miserable. After some serious tears, instacare calls, and a stop off at the pharamacy I was still sick.

The first day we landed we went to Long Beach Aquarium. It ws so much fun. We pet sting rays and sharks, saw jelly fish, and had a blast with the kids.

Emily and I petting the sting rays.

Kennedy playing in the fish fountain

Picture in front of the Jelly Fish

I am so intriqued with Jelly Fish. They way they move, and everything about them make me want to touch them and learn about them. These pictures I thought were cool.

These three were just soaking up the sun!

Kennedy and I enjoying a little shade and relaxing.

The following day we went to DISNEYLAND

I think Tiger is my favorite character!

Mickey ears

The kids and I

We rode the Tea Cups.. they were fun and even Baby Owen got to go.

In california adventure we saw the parade.. It was fun to see Bugs Life, Toy Story, and Cars.


The last day we just hung out. We took pictures in the photo booth, rode this car, and they begged Emily to buy this snow globe. It was pretty funny.

Kennedy fell asleep on the way to the airport so I carried her all the way through security (that was a chore to get my boots off while still holding her), on the plane, and she didn't wake up until we arrived in SLC. She was one tired girl from all the California fun!


Linds Forrest said...

What a fun trip!! I am seriously LOVING all of your posts! So awesome!

The Nielsens said...

FINALLY! A post! I love it!