Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hawaii... Trip 2

In December I went back to Hawaii with work. Anne Marie and I were in charge of planning the trip so we got to go. We stayed at the Grand Wailea on Mauii. It was such an AMAZING trip. I had so much fun, and it was nice to get to know my fellow workers on a different level. 11 days in the Hawaii sun was wonderful, and we arrived home just in time for Christmas. It was fantastic.

The view from the hotel of Haleakala. This was the only morning I saw the crater clear.

The majority of the group was married, so it was nice to have Anne Marie, Ryan, Gary and Blake to run around with the whole trip.

One day we drove the back way to Hanna to these waterfalls. They are so pretty, and we had some fun jumping off of them.

yes that is me jumping. If you look close i have no legs!!

Anne Marie getting ready to JUMP!

Anne Marie and I at the falls

After we stopped at this place on the side of the road. They make smoothies from a pedal bike that powers the blender. Smoothie wasn't the best, but it was a fun experience.

We hit the local Wave Rider and attempted to surf. Everyone had some serious bumps and bruises.

One morning Anne Marie and I tried very hard to convince the guys to drive up to Haleakala to see the sunrise. None of them would get out of bed and go with us. So we made the journey alone. After a really early start, a long curvy road we made it to the top and it was FREEZING! Hoodies and blankets were not even helping. After attempting to see the sunrise (you couldn't really see anything due to the mist and clouds) we jumped back in the car, cranked the heat up and took a nap. After we made the long drive back. A long journey for a whole lot of nothing really!

These pictures were from my first Hawaii trip that I never got around to posting.

One day on the beach I wanted to build sand castle. So I gathered some people and we started making one. I got a little bored and started a water fight, which I lost horrible and ended up in the ocean with all my clothes on. Here is the final product.
We ate dinner at some wonderful places and had a blast.
From my first Hawaii trip I didn't post about the day out snorkeling. We took this boat around one of the islands. We swam with awesome fish, saw an ancient boat, and were right next to dolphins on the boat. It was beautiful. So here are those pictures!

**Thank you Gary for a letting me use some of your pictures**

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