Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 3 Paris France

Day 3
We headed back to the Eiffel Tower to go up to the top. It was freezing cold. The wind was blowing and it was bone chilling cold.

The boys weren't super impressed with the Eiffel Tower ascent until they started reading that Gustavo Eiffel (the man who designed and built the Eiffel Tower) did experiments of throwing dead bodies off the tower to study bodies resistance to gravity. That made the Eiffel Tower a ton cooler in their minds!!

Heads fit through the bars.. barely..

Gary is an excellent photographer!

The view from the top of the tower

After we went to Notre Dame. We had a lot of fun taking pictures with the birds and playing out front.

Jen was having a photo shoot by Gary and doing all these poses on the light post. This Chinese guy walking by snapped a few photos of her and then kept walking, but each time she changed her pose he couldn't resist stopping and taking another picture. It was really funny. I can just imagine him returning home and showing family and friends pictures of his trip and then pictures of some random girl show up..

Now might be a good time to explain that throughout the trip we have been calling Gary "Papa Gary" or just "Papa". He has this valuable pouch that he has been wearing under his shirt and jacket. He has been so kind to carry all our cash, passports and cc cards. So throughout the trip if we need anything we have gone to Gary. Hence why we started calling him Papa Gar..

Feeding the birds!

Ok so I hate this photo, but I had to post it.. We were taking pictures and Jen had Gary's camera and snapped this photo...To explain...Gary was holding this bird and I leaned in to get closer for a photo Blake was going to take. Then the bird flew right in front of me and scared me to death.. Hence why I look the way I do. We have had some pretty good laughs about the picture.

Inside Notre Dame

Jen on the light post outside

Jen and Blake trying to attract the birds with no food!

Since it was freezing cold Gary wanted to buy a beanie so his head wouldn't freeze. So we found this little shop to the side of Notre Dame. The boys wanted to feel more European and fit in more so they bought scarves.

Gary found this fountain and snapped a few photos while Jen and I tried to find a place to exchange money.. At this point we had not changed any and were in need of Euros. Below is a picture of St. Michel fountain.

Jen, Gary and Blake on the metro headed back to the hotel.

This picture appears like Blake is disgusted by me, but in fact he was making the face at Gary and had no idea I was doing what I was...

Oh Jen...

We had an awesome day in Paris.. Fun pictures, good laughs, yummy food and cold wind. Thank you Jen for the extra pair of gloves!

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Linds Forrest said...

That bird picture is so funny Lacy! You're a crack up. It all looks so awesome! Seriously so cool.