Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris/Normandy France

Day 1
We arrived in Paris around 5:30 in the morning and rented the awesome pale yellow Panda Fiat. I had searched the Internet and found a good deal on a car that held 4 passengers and luggage for four. Boy were we fooled. We laughed for a good while in the parking lot at how everything was going to fit.

Some how we managed to pack everything in. Two pieced of luggage had to go in the back seat with us. So we loaded up and drove out to the Normandy region of France.

This was the Panda parked next to a normal car over here. Just gives you an idea of how small it was.

The bags in the back

Us loaded up in the car

Sword Beach monument.

Jen with a cardboard man on the side of the road

Jen and Gary double dog dared Blake to eat this mushroom that was growing. So he picked it and tasted a piece. Like Jen said you can never pass up a double dog dare.

There were monuments all along the coast from the invasion of Normandy

Omaha Beach at Normandy. It was amazing to be there. I can't express the feelings and realization of the magnitude of the whole event. It really gave a lot of insight and new meaning to the war.

The American Military Cemetery

9,700 soldiers are buried there. They were buried in temporary locations until they finalized the cemetery after the war

Thanks to Gary and the GPS from Andy and Em we made it to where we wanted to go. After a long day we pulled into a little town called Avranches and found a hotel called B&B Hotel. No not actually a bed and breakfast, but the hotel was perfect for us. The main floor had a queen bed and up some steep set of stairs was a loft with two twin beds. It was delightful!

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Linds Forrest said...

Oh my crap what a blast! I had no idea you two went on such a fun trip!! Can't wait to see more pictures. That tiny car is funny.