Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Friends For Years To Come

Trey Robinson and Logan Barnett are destined to be best friends for a long time. I mean come on, they are already best friends. After an evening with them I was sore from laughing so hard. Everytime I watch Trey we end up watching Aladdin. It is so funny. We always go through this huge movie selection and we lay them all out and in the end Aladdin always gets picked. My favorite is when Aladdin comes to the palace and there is the parade. Everytime it comes on Trey dances and jumps up and down. Usually after it is all over he will say "again" so we watch it all over again. These two cute pictures are of the boys fully engaged in the movie.

On this special evening there was a fog that played a rap song. Just with a press of a button it plays and I caught the boys dancing. Check out the video. It is really blurry since the boys are jumping so much! Trey has the jumping down and logan has this stand still shake going. Both I think could totally get the ladies in a few years.


Lindsey said...

he he he... those boys are DARLING!! How lucky you are to be spending so much time with those cute little ones! :)

Brandy said...

AHhhhhhh! How cute! i love these two boys so much! doug laughed his head off when he saw this video. We have decided that logan will love bumping and grinding!!! j/k