Sunday, February 24, 2008

House sitting "Little Jack Baur Jensen"

Janelle and Jeremy Jensen headed off to sunny Florida for a little vacation and I have had the wonderful pleasure of house sitting their dog Little Jack Baur. Their 3-4 lb dog is definitely the size of some of Millie's raw hides. Not to mention that Millie, a two foot tall, 50 lb dog towers over little 6 inch tall Jack. Nonetheless Jack has held his own and even become pretty good friends with Millie. So I thought I would post some funny things that have happened and some pictures I captured.
First off Millie has been so excited to play and I find her hunched down pawing at Jack. Now one paw at Jack is like a massive weight coming down on him, but he is quick and fights back with his gnarly teeth.
Second each time I fed Millie, Jack would sneak in under Millie and steal a piece of her food. He would then dart from the laundry room and run under the bed to eat his treat. A little side note about Millie's food. One piece of Millie's food is equivalent to like 6 pieces of Jack's food. Anyway Millie finally figured out what he was doing and she started chasing after him each time only to find out she couldn't run under the bed and get him.
Third there have been some run around the house chases that have taken place. Millie will chase Jack over the couches, under the tables, in the kitchen, around and under the bed and then back into the family room. Jack is definitely a lot quicker than Millie so it has been super funny.
Lastly Jack has found a few places to retreat when he is sick of Millie being a huge pest. Millie is up and ready to play with Jack 24-7, and only for so long can Jack handle it. So when he is done he runs and hides under the bed or in his kennel.
In the mix of running, playing and having fun I think that Millie has given Jack a run for his money. So they have both been tuckered out at the end of the day. This has been a great relief for some relaxing nights. This is the two of them half asleep on the couch.
My favorite thing about having Jack around these last few days has been him cuddling up on my lap and being so close. He is one of those dogs that loves to cuddle, which I have enjoyed. On several occasions this has been Jack on my lap.


Lindsey said...

ha ha ha... your Millie is soo funny! How fun spacey! What a fun weekend!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Those pictures are so fun! It's funny because our small dog and little dog interact the same way with each other! Belle will find little spaces to hide, which she knows Dakota can't fit in. Belle also waits for the precise moment when Dakota turns her attention from her meal to sneak in a grab some food. Only, she takes like a big scoop with her mouth and then goes and drops it on the floor to eat. Dogs are so funny! I'm glad you're a dog lover like me. P.S. Sorry I wrote a novel.

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I'm am an idiot... I said "our small dog and little dog". I meant "small dog and big dog" (I'm sure you figured that out). I'm a dork.

Kipp and Ashlee said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? "I'M AM an idiot"???? Wow, time to leave work!!