Monday, March 3, 2008


Sunday Night Oprah aired THE BIG GIVE. Oprah searched the Nation for ten contestants that have been selected each week to Give. The concept is Give Big or Go Home. Each week they are given the resources and money to help other. Last night the contestants were give money and a name of someone they needed to help. Each week they will be sending a person home. I watched the first episode today (thanks to DVR) and I was in tears. From a woman living in a homeless shelter to a family whose father was shot and killed while managing a Home Depot. If you guys are looking for a new show I highly suggest you watch this.
So why did this show touch me so much. I think over the last little while I have been really finding out a lot about myself. I have this deep desire to give. I keep finding these organizations that I would love to get more involved in and have been finding every possible way to give. I am taking bigger strides like donating the hair, but I want to do so much more. Today Drew Berrymore was on Oprah and she just returned from Africa. She was over there feeding children who go to school each day starving. The whole time all I could think about was wanting to do something like that. I want to go to South America and build a school or home... go to africa and feed children. If given the opportunity I would jump at it in a second. Anyway I am so blessed in my life and I take it for granted each and every day. I hope everyone can find some time in their busy lives to help someone in need.


Brandy said...

You are seriously the most generous person I know. I love to be around you for that exact reason!!!

Lindsey said...

You are so sweet Lacy. You have always been one of the most giving people I know! Like making sure I shave my legs, trying to hand down your pants to me, to letting me eat your oreos. Just teasin. But seriously Lacy you are SOOO thoughtful of others and do give a lot of yourself. Maybe you haven't given a village food but you have given many people in your life light and love. You have touched so many and are there for so many people that you do give of yourself a lot! You are an ispriation to many!! Love ya Space!