Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Super Stapler

So as you might know I work at Kneaders Bakery. When I started there I was excited when I got to use their Super Stapler from Staples. Now this is no ordinary stapler. It is so easy and convenient and it make work wonderful. When I started their were two super staplers in the office. One for Me and one for James and Dave to share. After working there for four months I was pretty attached to my stapler. Well a couple of weeks ago my stapler started ending up missing. When I would go looking for it, it was Gary's (the owner) desk. So I would take it back and place it on my desk where it belonged. On one several lost stapler experience I in a Milton voice quoted "I believe you have my stapler" under my breath. For this was a perfect Office Space moment. Well after several turns of this, one day it was missing and it wasn't on Gary's desk. I searched the office and still couldn't find it. Well Gary had gotten smarter and stashed it away in his draw. Several laughs, I was informed I should probably buy a super stapler for Gary and everyone else so they could all have their own. So I made a trip to staples only to find that they only had two super staples left. As I was walking down the isle to the check out I ran into a stack of unique super staplers. So I purchased a fun (different and unique, specific to Lacy only) Super Stapler. Now everyone in the office has their own Super Stapler and if my Cow stapler goes missing there is no way of hiding who has it.

The big joke around the office is that it looks like a cow print and so every time I staple I should have to make a MOOW noise. We had some good laughs but only only could find the courage to MOOOW once. The picture below is all the staplers lined up right before I gave them to each person in the office. What can I say I am a most efficient Office Manager.

Needless to say the whole experience made me think of Office Space. A hilarious movie where Milton looses his stapler. Watch the video below. I am very grateful for my super stapler.


Lindsey said...

LACY!!! We are soul friends! I obsess every time I get to use the Super Stapler at Lonestar!! Everyone always looks at me weird, but I absoutely love that stapler. Us hard workin gals truly understand how great a stapler can make your life be! :)

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I love Milton on Office Space!! I can just picture you quoting him when your stapler went missing, and it cracks me up. I'm glad you got your very own unique stapler!!