Sunday, March 9, 2008

Millie's Got An Eye Infection

Millie has an eye infection and I am now a concerned mother because of my dog. Stupid I know. I have spent the last several months reading countless blogs about mothers who have sick children and I have been so grateful that I have not had to deal with stuff like that. Millie's eye infection is not even near the scare of RSV or the serious flu. It really hasn't even been very difficult at all but I still feel terrible and just might have to make a trip to the vet. So several days ago Millie began getting an alarming rate of eye burgers. Gross I know. I am super anal about not letting her have eye burgers so I usually get them out the second I see them. The last several days I realized every time I was turning around she had huge eye burgers in her right eye. So I just kept cleaning it up. Well last night I noticed that something was seriously wrong with her eye. She was doing this pirate eye thing and kept winking with her right eye.
Thinking I would be a great mother to my dog I immediately thought of eye drops to help. After reading the whole bottle to see if it said DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS, which it didn't, I drenched her eye. A little saline solution couldn't really hurt her. She didn't love it but it seemed to help. Well this morning when I woke up Millie couldn't even open her eye. There was heartache that I felt for her. She kept pawing at her eye and trying to open it but nothing. A pirate for a dog. Anyway with a half open eye I took a warm wet down and cleared her eye. This was no just little issue, this was a serious dog issue. If I had a pirate patch I would have put it on her. Basically the moral of the story is I felt horrible for her like a mother feels for her sick child. Her eye is blood shot and sealed shut with goop. So Monday we will have to schedule a vet appointment. On the good side of all of this, I am guessing in relation to the eye infections, Millie has been relatively calm the last two days. Way more than normal and I have enjoyed a sleepy, relaxed dog. The photos below are her ruling the house and napping. Notice the picture on the green chair Millie is in such a deep sleep she is snoring, and her tongue is hanging out. So funny.

I totally understand a mothers love, concern and want for their children to be in good health. It is miserable other wise. And who would have thought that I would love this little brown creature that is in my life so much.


emilie s. d. p. said...

Poor Millie. I love the picture with her tongue hanging out, it's adorable. I'm glad she has you to take care of her and give her lots of love.

Jenna said...

Your dog looks so sweet in these pictures that her eye infection is making me sad!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

How sad!! This breaks my heart for poor Millie! I totally know what you mean by comparing her to a sick child. I know dogs aren't on the same plane as children, but they sure do feel like our babies! I feel nerdy even saying it. I hope Millie gets better! I'm glad you give her such a loving home=).