Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Thursday- Great Weekend

I have had several great days starting with Thursday.
My brother puts on a ride through Canyon Bicycle for new riders or for people who have just purchased a new bike, so I headed up to Sandy after work to go on my first ride since the accident. It was a supposed to be a mellow ride so I thought for sure I would be ok. My dad planned to ride with me and so we headed down. He had be go on a short ride before to get comfortable again on my bike and make sure I was ok. When we returned back to Canyon Bicycles to join everyone else for the ride we pulled in to a parking lot of Team Canyon riders. There were six or so people all decked out in Canyon Bicycle gear and ready to ride. I got a little scared and intimidated at the sight and thought of riding with this group of hard core riders. It was rather chilly and cold but the ride went well. I felt comfortable and safe on the bike which is good. My shoulder was weaker than I thought and I will have to do some lifting to get it back to normal. It felt good to get back out on my bike and I enjoyed the ride. We went sixteen miles in just about an hour and I am proud to say I am still set to ride to St. George with the family.

I have two nieces that are in town and it has been so fun to see them. Kennedy lives in Switzerland and came home with JJ after his trip over there. Upon returning home JJ's little girl Attley came home for the week. Both have been staying at my parents house and lets just say they have been a handful. They are both so very different and funny. It is crazy that kids can entertain adults for so long. Four hours we have just sat around and watched them and laughed with and at them. I decided since I never get to see these little girls that I would come up to Sandy and spend the weekend. Kennedy is 15 months old and Attley 12 months. Kennedy acts like the mom to Attley and we find her saying NO NO NO all the time. There is a lot of jealousy between the two of them and they want to have whatever each other has. I think the funnies thing is how they do various things to get our attention. I have posted a few pictures of each of them and some videos. All day I tried to get a video of Attley saying her favorite phrase "tickle tickle".

This is a picture of Kennedy. She is so beautiful. She has curly hair and looks just like her little brother Cooper when he was younger. She has these amazingly blue eyes and eye lashes that are so long every girl would die to have.

Attley is a doll. She always has a smile on her face and if you smile she totally gets this huge grin and laughs. She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and is 100% JJ's little girl because she looks so much like him.

My mom and I decided to be brave and take the girls to Ikea. It started out really well and by the time we got to the checkout we had two little girls having serious breakdowns and crying. So stressful. Although it should have made me want to go running in the other direction of having kids I actually can't wait to have children... not anytime soon though. Unfortunately we had to pass by the kids section and Kennedy picked this dog and would not let it go. She just kept giving it a huge hug.

Here are a few videos of the girls helping JJ build a draw system. Both were so willing to help and hand him things. Attley just kept saying Da and handing the hammer to JJ. It was so cute. Another great thing they have learned is to throw Angus (the dogs) ball so that he will fetch it. They do this all day for him.


Sefica said...

Nice pictures;)))

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I'm so proud of you for getting back up on that horse... or bike. Your nieces are adorable. I love the picture of the one by the tree. Did you take that? Great photography skills if so! Still great skills if not, though... just great skills of someone else=).

Janelle and Jeremy Jensen said...

so fun. I miss your face. I guess Jeremy ran into your bro at dinner with his lady.

Em said...

Lacy-- Your blog looks great! You are amazing! Loved seeing all the fun pictures! Can't wait to see you in less than 1 week! Yeah!