Friday, April 3, 2009

Are You A Turkey Or A Weaner?

So lately I have been trying to eat more healthy. I have stopped drinking the love of my life (DR. PEPPER). I have been trying to not eat deep fried food and eat more salads and vegetables. This is partly to be more healthy and also to shed a few lbs. for the bike ride. In the whole process I have learned a lot about myself.

So I ask all of you Are You A Turkey Or A Weaner?

I have learned that I am a Turkey!! So you might be confused about what I mean. Are you someone that when cutting things out of your life you do better if you do it cold turkey, or if you wean yourself off of it. With most things I have to stop cold turkey or I don't stop. So many times I have tried to stop drinking Dr. Pepper and if I have any I will have as much as I want. I know it is all about self control, but that is just how I am. People have always told me it is better to wean your body off and on things like treats, drinks, exercise.... but I don't work that way. Needless to say I am doing well on Dr. Pepper, better on treats and ice cream and better on exercise. It's all about Turkey baby!!!

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badfish said...

I'm a turkey too!