Friday, April 10, 2009

St George Day 1

I headed down to St. George to spend Easter with the family. It is supposed to be rainy, but today was beautiful. The weather was perfect for a nice bike ride. My dad, Emily and I went out for a nice ride. We headed out toward Hurricane down the big hill, but ran into a nasty car accident. It was really tragic and sad to see. The accident had just happened (the were no police or ambulances on the scene yet) and there was debris everywhere. We had to get off our bikes and walk through it. Anyway a fertilizer truck was all smashed in, the driver we think was sitting in the middle of the road dazed and confused (likely by the looks of it with a broken arm). The passenger of the fertilizer truck, was smashed and pinned in the truck still. He was talking to a lot of people that had stopped to help with the crash. He was pretty bloody, but still trapped none the less. The other car (a green truck) involved in the accident was on it's side, off the side of the road. It was not a pretty sight. The guy was hanging out the window. As we walked past, trying to get past the accident and on to the other side of the road, I asked a lady standing by the guy if he was ok. She looked over and said he was dead. It was so sad! We were in shock about the whole situation and were trying really hard to get past the accident and cross the road. After we saw the extent of the situation we decided it would be best to turn around and go back the other directions away from the scene. We all had a really hard time seeing the extent of everything.

After the scary accident we saw, we continued on for nice ride. The weather was perfect, the wind was pretty calm. After we headed home, my dad and I decided to continue on. We put on a few extra miles, which felt good. We did some nice steady climbs. On the way home we had to climb a huge hill into the subdivision where my parents house is. It is pretty rough. Anyway it was a nice way to finish the ride. I can't complain about a nice 26 mile ride. I burned 1506 calories, which feels good.

I am beat tonight, but overall the day was good. Andy and Kennedy took the little dirt bike out for a nice ride. Got a few laughs and pics of it. Kennedy just kept telling him to not pop a wheel.

Cooper hanging out with the birds in Kennedy's camping chair.

On the way down to St. George Andy's bike fell off the back of the bike rack. His bike dragged on the road for a few minutes before a lady drove up to let them know. Anyway this is what happens..... (the frame and tires are perfectly fine, but the handle bars are a different story).

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like an awesome Easter weekend! You are kicking butt on your bike. Happy Easter!