Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Choice

The weekend was good. Saturday my Dad, Karen and I did a nice bike ride. The weather was perfect. We did 29 miles and I felt exhausted after. After a week of battling a cold, the ride just took it out of me. I only wanted to kill myself twice while on the ride, so that is a good thing. Poor Karen who was behind me on several occasions probably thought I was going to cough up a lung several times. Oh and can I mention that my parents live way to far on the east side (not trying to sound snobbish). It is a pain to climb back up to their house after a ride (I guess it makes me stronger in the end).

Today I had a wonderful day. The day was beautiful and I soaked up the sun outside and read almost an entire book. I finished The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I always enjoy reading his books. They are easy reads and I usually enjoy the stories. If you are looking for a book to read it is pretty good.


The Nielsens said...

Did you bawl as hard as I did? The whole time I was like, "this is so cheesy" but then when you know what happens, I started bawling...and I was at work! Tears just streaming.

Grant and Alli said...

You go Lacey! Keep it up..Remeber you HAVE to make that bike ride to St.Goerge:) Okay so that picture of your Dad with the birds cracks me up, too funny:)

Brandy and Doug said...

I think that The Choice is my favorite Nicholas Sparks book so far!!!! I loved it and I have re-read it twice!!!! It is SOOOOOOO awesome!!!