Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heart Rate Monitor

I purchased Polar F11 heart rate monitor for biking. The last several rides I have noticed that I have let my heart rate get a little to high. So to help me better track it I took the plunge and bought one. They can be price, but I found that is pretty reasonable. I opened it earlier in the week, but hadn't really had the chance to play around with it. So today got it all set up. You wear a strap around your chest, and it is really comfortable believe it or not. I put it on and did a fitness test to see when I am completely calm and resting what my aerobic fitness measures at.
Since then I have had it on. Nifty little toy. It tells me my heart rate monitor, the calories I have burned, how long I am in my target heart rate zone. Anyway it is really cool.

I took Millie to the park and did some running. I wore her right out, and about half way through my running she just stopped and layed down at one end of the field. Poor dog is passed out now on the couch. Anyway it was fun to do sprints and run and watch my heart rate. Excited to get on the bike and try it out.


Em said...

awesome! you'll love it, I'm sure! speaking of grear.. andy dropped my bike off last week to get the computer put on it. :)

Lindsey said...

You always have the coolest gadgets!!