Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. George Day 2 and 3

Saturday in George was rainy. We decided to head out to Zion thinking there would be some great photo opportunities. We met up with some of Andy and Emily's friends. After a nice lunch, we went up into the park. Can't say that I have ever taken the bus up into Zion, but it was really nice. We went to Court of Patriarchs. We hiked up to get some great photo's. The guys were out on the ledge and I was surprised to see my Dad (who is afraid of heights) sitting out there. He is the one in the yellow jacket.

This is the view from the bottom of the guys

Court of Patriarchs

Kennedy running around waiting for the shuttle

Kennedy and Kate holding hands (it was so cute)

Emily and Kennedy on the hike

The girls and most the kids got separated from the guys... So we headed to the lodge for some sitting and ice cream.

It was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful steak dinner at home when we got back.


We four wheeled out to Sand Cove for a nice Easter egg hung. Kennedy is know for falling asleep while on the four wheelers. It amazes me how she can do that.

It was a beautiful day with clear skies and warm weather.

Cooper and Jenna before the egg hung

Kennedy collecting eggs

Kennedy and Grammy with her basket

Cooper and Jenna running around

It was a perfect place to have an Easter egg hung and the Kennedy and Kate loved it

Andy and Kennedy

Andy and Cooper

After the egg hunt Kennedy sat up on the rocks and the picture was so cool. The sky was so blue and she was such a babe.

Andy and Em

Cooper and Grammy

After the egg hunt we had a nice lunch and sat around and relaxed. Then we climbed the huge Sand hill and decided to run down a few times. It was really hard to climb and made me feel so out of shape. We all had to take a break at the top we were so tired.

My first time down I was getting ready to start running and Andy grabbed my arm and started pulling me as he ran down. I wasn't moving fast enough and just face planted it in the sand and was dragged a few feet. I had sand everywhere and it was sticking to me.

Cooper and I raced down and I stepped on his jeans and took us both out. I felt bad.

It was a beautiful day and I even got some sun.

One night while hanging out at the house Kennedy put on her Dad's socks. She was so proud and thought it was so cool.

Grandpa reading to Kennedy

Someone had a pack of gum from decades ago.. No really they still make it. Anyway I got a kick out of it. Very colorful gum that looses it's flavor so fast. I mean like minutes fast. As we were reminiscing about this gum I was telling them how it used to have tattoo's on the gum sleeves. Low and behold it still does. Somethings never change.

The birds made the trip with us. My mom put them on my Dad's hat and we had a few laughs at the birds standing on the rim poking his head under to see my dad.


Lindsey said...

Love all your photos. Cooper and Emily are so cute! Sorry about your falls in the sand, pretty funny story though!

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