Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bird... The Mow

Today I got a lot accomplished around the house. I finished the fire pit (pictures later). In order to mow the lawn I had to clean up all Millie's toys.... I didn't realize there were so many hidden in the grass. So when I finally got them all out this is is what I ended up with.

Millie had been hanging around the base of the tree and when I finally went over to see what it was there was a little bird running around... I made Millie stay away and I started up the lawn mower. After my first pass around the tree I noticed the little birdie was down for the count but still breathing. My heart broke. I couldn't just sit there and watch it suffer, but I was so afraid to touch it. So I finished mowing the lawn and by the time I was done it wasn't breathing. Poor little one!

1 comment:

Em said...

poor little birdie.
looking forward to firepit pics! see you tonight.