Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I got a ticket today... not for speeding, running a stop sign or anything dealing with a car for that matter. So how is that possible? Good questions. As I was leaving for work this morning I was greeted at the door by a Provo City Police officer. She was coming by to give me a ticket for Millie running around the neighborhood. That is right... Apparently yesterday while on a bike ride, Millie got out and was running around the neighborhood. The conversation with the police officer went as followed

Police: "Your dog isn't very smart. I chased her for an hour yesterday and she ran back home"
Me: I just gave her a weird look.... I mean sounds like a smart dog to me.
Police: "You really need to train your dog"
Me:"Right... You don't know my dog... she jumps over my 6 foot fence, she climbs my backyard tree, she jumps out my bedroom window. I have tried."
Police: "Well did you know about the Provo City leash laws?"
Me: "Yes, but I didn't know my dog was going to run away.. hence no lease."

Citation: Running at LARGE.. (are you kidding me) $50 dollars later and I wonder why I have a dog!

Millie is a unique dog and I feel am like Marley and Me. She always is causing trouble. The other night while laying in the hammock outside she was going crazy for her ball in the ball thrower on the BBQ. She was so close to pawing if off, but she just could not reach it. So she just jumped up on the BBQ. Then she was stuck and could not turn around... So she just sat down. It was pretty funny. She couldn't even turn around to get her ball once she got up there. Silly dog

Anyway after she was tired and just layed in the chair and relaxed as it poured rain outside.


Janelle said...

I say you fight it. I don't think they can legally ticket you if your dog get's out. You have made every precaution to prevent this dog from getting out. And PS. how is the BBQ still standing I would think it would topple over with her on it. Sorry!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Yes, sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy to be a dogowner (like now, as Dakota is licking her butt)... but then they do something so cute or funny and it makes me think I could never be dogless. And Millie does sound pretty smart to me, too.

Jennifer Lane said...

You've gotta be kiddin me. Nuff said.

Lindsey said...

What a friggin joke. Sorry about the ticket, but I side with Janelle... fight it!

Ash said...

Milli looks like an alien in those pictures...scary!

Chellor said...

I love that little pill of a dog! I hope she is up in Heaven with us to keep us smiling :D

Em said...

lame!!!! sorry lace! i would fight it. it's not like you were out for a jog and just let her run wild.