Thursday, May 28, 2009

Midway Fun

Today I drove up to Midway to do some bike riding. It was raining and windy when I got up there so we ate dinner and hung around hoping the weather would blow over. Attley and Kennedy were so fun to watch as they played together. Immediately they had Attley's brush out and Kennedy was brushing her hair and applying chap stick to Attley's lips. It was so funny. We got in a nice water fight and I got drenched of course. We can blame Andy and Emily for that one. What started as a simple joke in the kitchen turned into a water fight inside and outside. Cooper thought it was sure fun, and well Kennedy and Attley cried. Attley was pretty funny about it. She was ok being involved in the water fight as long as she was holding the water gun. Once the water was out she would freak out.

While Emily and I went on a bike ride the Kids and Andy headed over to the Seare's. We stopped by their house to see the kids playing around.

Cooper's motorcycle with the trainer wheels. It is awesome.

Andy's new razor all pimped out

Ryan, Calvin, and Kennedy riding the dirt bike around.

Kennedy and Attley pushing their strollers around. They are so cute together.
(Thanks Em for the picture)

Bike ride was good... We did some climbing, which is exactly what I need more of. It is always a joy riding with Em.

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