Sunday, May 17, 2009

SLC Century

Saturday was the SLC Century and I finished all 107 miles. I road it with my two sister-in-laws Emily and Karen. I am so proud of Emily, she just started riding and she finished the whole thing. She was amazing. We laughed, chatted, we were silent, we shed tears, and we had fun!

When Emily emailed me this picture the title was Mile 67 and still smiling. Andy and the kids were so great to bring us snacks, drinks and lunch. It was good motivation seeing them and getting off the bike for a few minutes.

The century starts at the fair grounds in SLC and heads north, around antelope island and back. When we got out on the causeway the bugs and smell were so bad. I have never experienced anything like it before. We all were having such a hard time biking through it.

I feel really good after the bike ride. By butt is sore and my left knee was bothering me a little, but overall my muscles feel good. I woke up Sunday morning at five in the morning starving... Literally felt sick I was so hungry. So I ate and drank two glasses of chocolate milk and went back to bed.... at nine I woke up again starving. I had cereal, waffles, and three more glasses of chocolate milk. Then I headed back to bed to lay down. I was awake but still tired. I woke up an hour later (yes I fell back to sleep) and was again hungry, so more chocolate milk. So why the reason for the starvation.. Probably had something to do with burning 4,671 calories on the ride. (After I finally recovered and hydrated I realized I drank almost an entire half gallon of chocolate milk)

Good ride, good times and getting a lot of miles on the saddle for the ride to St. George in June.


Michael C. Hanks said...

Congrats babe!

Jes said...

Dang girl! You are AMAZING! I hope you are doing well!