Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Two: Zurich Lake and Football Game
We went to Zurich Lake and the swimming pool. It was fun to get out in the sun. The lake is really close and we drove down for a relaxing afternoon. Out about 100 ft from the lake is a three level diving board that we jumped off. Cooper jumped off for the first time and the deal was that I had to jump off the top deck if he jumped off the lower level. As I was standing up there being a chicken, I asked this kid how high it was. He went to an English school and was telling me it was 15 meters high. Being dumb I said how high is that in feet (stupid Americans)? He didn't know. So I got up the courage and jumped only later to find out that 15 meters is about 50 feet. No wonder I was hesitating. Anyway I did it and am alive. Also on the lake is a water trampoline and a blow up toy. It was a lot of fun.

Kennedy Arosa


Downtown Zurich
The other night was the Euro 2008 Soccer (known as Football over here) championship game. It was between Spain and Germany. Since a lot of the tournament games had been played in Switzerland, there was a huge arena set up for the game last night. We went down to the festivities and had so much fun. There were so many people and everyone was dressed up. The streets of downtown Zurich were shut down and they had tents everywhere with screens to watch the game. Tents lines the streets with food and ice cream. I could not believe the amount of people there for the game. I got some pretty cool pictures.


Chellor said...

Aw Lace, you look like you are having so much fun! K is way jealous too :) Millie has been fantastic same as usual. Ash has been looking after her much more than me just because A. I didnt get home till so late Saturday B. she was home almost all day sunday so i chilled with K and C. She's home all day and I'm just home at night. So she is the Hero! :)

But she was spooning me when i woke up this morning so at least I know she's sleeping well when I'm around!

Chellor said...

oh... ps we miss you!

Lindsey said...

Kennedy could honestly be one of the cutest little girls.I can't believe how big Cooper is! What a stud!!

That's so awesome you ahve such good roomies Space!! I feel really protective over you, but it's nice to know they love you so much! But who couldn't, I mean seriously!

Side note... if you ever see some Lion candybars, will you do me a fave and buy some, I will pay you back. Brother Shane LOVEs them!

Lindsey said...

Go check your email.

Sondra said...

Oh I am soo so jealous!!! I am glad you are having an incredible vacation :) Take tons and tons of pictures!