Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Spa

While I was in Arosa, my sister-in-law and I had the opportunity to go to this beautiful six star hotel and get some wonderful spa treatment. The hotel was breath taking and their new spa was wonderful. I found an article so I thought it did better justice than I could...

"When the Tschuggen Grand opened its doors in 1929, it was a pioneering move that helped to transform the mountaintop village of Arosa into the prestigious family ski resort it is today. For decades, it was the best hotel in town. But these days, in the increasingly competitive arena of Alpine ski hotels, being a grand hotel with history isn’t enough. So last year, the Tschuggen added a 35 million Swiss franc (about $30 million, at 1.15 Swiss francs to the dollar), 43,000-square-foot spa designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta. The futuristic stone complex, topped by nine dormer-like “light trees,” easily outshines the old hotel."

While at the spa I got a massage and my sister-in-law got a facial. It was just what I needed and was so relaxing. From the moment we walked into the building it was such a fantastic experience. The architecture was breath taking. The design of tree like windows made the whole spa feel modern and open. The natural light that came through accentuated the pools and lounges. So I want to thank Andy and Emily for the wonderful massage. It was heavenly.


Grant and Alli said...

Lacy I just found your blog! How are ya? Gosh I'm so jealous of all your vacations! They look like so much fun..

emilie s. d. p. said...

Wow!, that's all I have to say!
You're definitely on a vacation of a lifetime!