Monday, July 7, 2008

Arosa, Switzerland

I spent the last part of my trip at my brother and sister-in-laws chalet (cabin) in Switzerland. It is up in the Swiss alps and it was absolutely beautiful. Their chalet sits at the very top of this small village. Looking out from their deck is like a picture in a magazine. It seems so unreal. It was a beautiful time of year with the mountains covered in wild flowers. I had so much fun with the family just relaxing and enjoying my vacation. There were some good stories from Arosa so I thought I would share a few of them.

The first day we were there it was kind of cold and rainy. It was so pretty. As the night grew near the fog start setting in. It was so nice to be in a warm place all bundled up in down comforters with the windows open. I slept like a baby all bundled down in the bed.

We did some farm work on the front yard while we were up there. It was a really good workout. Using the scythe we chopped the weeds up and mowed the area. In the country we basically just threw them over the road for the cows to eat. The neighbor guys Yurg showed us the tricks and let us use some of his tools.

My nephew took a few pictures of his own. He was so cute about it. He had each one of us pose and use his medals he received while in skiing classes. It was so cute. He picked all the poses and I couldn't help but laugh. He caught some great pictures of us that is for sure!

One of the best things about being in Switzerland was just being with my niece and nephew. They were a hoot to be around and we were constantly having fun. It was fun to be a kid again and play with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Jenga, Jumping on the Tramp, watching all the kid shows. Fineous and Ferb and Max and Ruby.


Lindsey said...

Those pictures are really beatiful Lace! Cooper is so handsome with his glasses on! It will be great when Andy and Em move back!!

Ash said...

My head just exploded. I can't believe you just stayed in such a cute little cabin right there in the Alps. So beautiful. Makes me wanna sing "The hills are alive..."

Jill said...

Lacy, I stumpled upon your blog and I am way jealous of your trip. It is so weird to see Andy's kids. I still remember jumping on the tramp with him when I was little. It's weird how we all grow up.

Lisa Marie Crosby said...

Have fun there Lacy, it is BEAUTIFUL! I haven't seen photos of your nephew in years... he is so big!

Kim said...

Lacy, that looks so fun! What an awesome and beautiful get away!